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Hong Kong :: Lantau Island :: 10.13.04 :: travel
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I spent Sunday exploring Lantau Island—along with everyone from the Chinese mainland. It was still Golden Week - the chinese national holiday and lots and lots of tourists were visiting the giant buddha and monastary on Lantau.

I took the ferry over to the island and then a bus from the docks up to the top of the mountain. About 100 buses were there, with more arriving every moment. It was a major transportation hub. I thought this palce would be more quiet and serene but it is a major destination.

I experienced my first public toilet and was thankful that I have experience backpacking and good knees.

I paid my money and walked up the 268 stairs to the top where the Buddha sat so serenely. This sculpture is amazing. Bronze and huge. You can walk around inside. The views were amazing and it was a shame it was hot and hazy. I would like to go back when it is crisp and clear and do more photographing.

After the Buddha and touring the grounds, I took another bus down the other side of the mountain to Tai O - a small fishing village that is still on stilts. I walked through the fish market—shark fins, live fish, dead and dried shrimp and fish and other strange things. After the village, I took another bus back to the main village where the ferry was. I ate along the water and fed egg from my noodle dish to a family of dock cats. This is an amazing place.

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