The sea has long been a place of mystery, of longing, of exploration of the unknown. It is the method by which we explore far-away lands and for those of us left behind it is the end of the road. Here in California, it is still wild and untamed, a place to love but to show great respect.

This body of work captures the fleeting moments experienced at the edge of the continent, at cliffside, when the wind roars and the fog rolls in and there is no more road to explore. The distinct edges are softened, the sounds heightened. The landscape is a dreamscape, more water than land. There is a wistful and nostalgic feel to the air and a longing here for what lies beyond the horizon and a reality that must be embraced when the fog descends.

As the project has evolved, there has been a directed choice to blend modern (plastic cameras, scanned negs and digital positives) and historic processes (copper plate, use of the etching press) to produce the series. I am interested in creating timeless images that could have been made at any time in the last 100 years but are also very modern in their aesthetic and intent.

There are 10 images in the series and the titles are drawn from 19th century romantic poetry, predominantly Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and Edgar Allen Poe among others.

Each image is printed 5.5″ x5.5″ in an edition of 25 with 3 artists proofs on 11″x15″ Fabriano Tiepolo 100% cotton rag paper.

Individual prints: $400

• Ten unbound but sequenced hand-pulled copperplate photogravures.
• Printed on Fabriano Teipolo 100% Cotton Paper with letterpress printed text pages set in Adobe Jenson Pro.
• Title page, statement, Edgar Allen Poe poem, colophon and plate index.
• Custom made box in Steel Gray book cloth with blind embossed title on the cover.
• Image size 5.5″ w x 5.5″ h on 11″ w x 15″ h paper.
• Edition of 5 boxed sets plus 1 artist proof.

Boxed Set: $3500 — increasing as the edition sells.