Growing up army brat we moved every couple of years. Just as life began to feel settled and grounded, my world would be upended and dissolved and re-constituted into another place.

The images of Seeking Terra Firma are an exhalation. They are vapor.

The world is soft, blurred by atmosphere and layers of mist and fog. The sense of place that is home is masked. The context of the known is now unknown. I want to latch on to this place but it is obscured and when I come upon it, it has changed and shifted and not as I imagined.

The final prints are a physical capture, trying to grasp and hold onto what can’t be held close. They attempt to capture the intangible, the illusory and ever shifting place that is  home.

Large print size:
14×14 archival pigment image on A2 (16.5″x23.4″) Awagami-AIJP Kozo Thin White washi paper infused with beeswax

Small print size:
7×7 platinum/palladium or ziatype palladium print on 8×10 100% cotton clearprint vellum

Edition size:
5 with 2 artist proofs

14×14 framed to 22×22 images. 4 of these were part of the Portfolio Showcase Exhibition at Center for Fine Art Photography in July 2014.

7×7 platinum/palladium and ziatype palladium images matted and framed to 16×20. A selection were exhibited in the group show Best of Light Sensitive (1 of 3 best in show) at Art Intersection gallery in Arizona December 2014/January 2015.