Direct from the artist

Prints may be purchased directly from the artist. Please email me directly with inquiries about availability and pricing.

About the processes

The majority of Erin’s work is photographed on film using a variety of cameras —SX70 Polaroid, 4×5 Polaroid, 120mm film —and then printed using a variety of alternative processes. The specific process is listed on the portfolio page for the image. Digital tools are used to move the film into a format that can then be used for contact printing or for making plates.

Print sizes & Editions

Print sizes are as listed on the portfolio pages. In some cases the body of work is available in multiple sizes and in others it is not. All work is printed in a limited edition as noted on the portfolio page. The artist generally produces between 2 and 5 Artist Proofs of an image in each process depending on the size (smaller prints may have more Artist Proofs, larger have 1 to 2).