The images reflect the separation of the traveler from a strange place. The architecture of the hotel room window frames the experience, sometimes even setting the stage for what might be experienced on the outside, but often blocking the sense of place. The details of the interior of the hotel room purposely overlay the architecture of the city and become part of the view. The layers of interior merged with the view acts as a barrier to the real city outside.

Capturing both the interior and exterior, and even hints of a person – a foot here, a hand there – is a reflection of both the physical and the psychological state of mind of myself as the traveler. The combined image is a record that I am there, in that place, but the layers of imagery remind me that I am an outsider and not a part of the place.

The act of photographing the view from a hotel window is commonplace for travelers. As I created these images, I realized that the views I was trying to avoid, those with the inner reflection merged with the exterior were the more interesting. With that in mind, I purposefully photograph these layers, seeking to capture a sense of my feelings as well as a glimpse of where I might be at the time, no matter how banal.

I have traveled a lot over the last few years and once the excitement of going somewhere new wears off, the sameness of place, the sameness of experience starts to seep in. In each of these places, the hotel posits that their views are unique, that they add to the overall experience, and in some cases they do. But mostly they are banal and the same from place to place. Often, the only time I am in the room is at night and the only view I have is a reflection back on myself.

Work in progress, tentative 20×16 or larger black and white digital images.