erin malone :: photography

about me

Located in San Francisco, California, I spend my days as an Interaction Design Consultant while wishing I was out in the field with my cameras.

I recall having my first camera at 10 and taking it to Girl Scout camp where I promptly left it behind. A few years later and being much more responsible, I bought my first manual SLR. It was a Minolta X370. I took photo classes in high school and served on the newspaper as a photographer, thus beginning my foray into "real" photography.

Studying design in college (BFA Design) and graduate school (MFA Design), photography was always a part of my life but never the center. I have dabbled in classes periodically over the years but really revived my love of image making when I bought my first digital camera in 2001. I now have several types of cameras and have moved to a more serious approach to my work. My love of image-making and pushing the limits of the possible, has led me to exploring the world around me primarily with zoneplate and pinhole but occasionally lensed cameras.