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Day One: Photo Excursion 091903 :: 10.11.03 :: california
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Fire in Yosemite
Yosemite fire

Day One: September 19, 2003
My ten day excursion is started with the rental of an SUV 4 wheel drive. This trip, I want to be able to go off paved roads and not worry about ripping up my car. I drive across the state, due east on 680 and eventually into Yosemite. There are notices that there are several controlled burns going on throughout the park and the sky is hazy with smoke. It smells wonderful up here - pine and smoke like girl scouts. I stop a couple of times and shoot half dome in the distance. The sky is hazy and it looks really far away. Around a final bend and the fires really show up through the trees. I am glad I am not in my convertible.

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