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Day Six: Photo Excursion 092503 :: 10.18.03 :: california
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Day Six Morning: Crooked Creek Aspens

a trio of aspens

Day Six: Photo Excursion September 25, 2003
We had a long day today for shooting. Johanna and I headed back down to Crooked Creek to scout it out for some shooting. We drove all the way down to a grove of aspens and then down some more until we reached what seemed like never ending outcrops of granite boulders and then headed back. We shot for a long time in the aspens—which was tough shooting as the grove was up the side of a hill at a fairly steep angle. At the bottom was the actual crooked creek—some of the only water around—and I spent some time exploring some macro and motion images.

We headed back after exploring and deciding to come back in the morning when the light was better and plans to head up to Patriarch in the evening.

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