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Day Three: Photo Excursion 092103 :: 10.18.03 :: california
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desert landscaping in fall colors, outside Big Pine

Day Three: Photo Excursion, September 21, 2003
Day three - I don't have to be at the workshop until at least 1 pm so I get up, check out of the little motel ($36 night) and explore the rocky, desert landscape that I had scoped out the evening before. Once I got there and pulled off the side of the road, I had to drop down into the wash area—about 5 feet below the road surface. The plants are very thorny and I worked hard not to disturb the ground too much. The light was up a little higher than I had wanted but I needed the sleep the night before. The landscape is rugged and beautiful and the plants were beginning to sport their fall colors.

I shot for awhile and then began my ascent up the mountains into the Ancient Bristlecone Forest and into the sky.

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